What Are The Hours They Are Open?

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If you will find yourself in the area of West Albany, Oregon in the near future, then there are some places that you will certainly want to check out while you are there. When it comes to great entertainment and food, for example, you do not need to look any further than the Venetian Theater Restaurant and Lounge. This is located right in the heart of the city and has been a favorite of both locals Read more…

Who Owns The Venetian Theater Restaurant?

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The famous Venetian Theater Restaurant and Lounge is a top destination for travelers. Locals also enjoy going to the theater to watch the live shows. The restaurant is currently owned by developer Denzil Scheller who purchased and renovated it in 2007. He spent over two-million dollars on renovations to bring it up to par. The history of the famous restaurant is interesting.

In 1888, the original building was constructed as a bank and purchased by banker John W. Shutte. Tickets to the theater start at just 20 if you buy them in advance. There are discounts available for Read more…

My Experience at the Venetian Theatre

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I have been to the Venetian many times, hence the appreciation site, but I thought, today, I would switch gears and talk about my first experience. They say that everyone remembers their first and I’ll never forget the first time I visited the Venetian Theater.

I first heard about it on television. For those wondering about the specifics, I get my service through www.direct2tv.com and I saw it featured on the Food Network. After that, I just had to take a trip.

As an east coaster, it was quite a trek but I made sure I had other business to attend to out west as well. However, when I finally stepped through those doors, I knew that nothing else matters.

My experience at the Venetian theatre was, in a word, sublime.

There was a seamless blend of both food and entertainment and it all combined into one incredible experience. Live entertainment was the order of that particular evening and I was treated to a fantastic live show.

Did I mention there are ghosts?

I personally didn’t see any when I was there and the staff had a very tongue-in-cheek manner when talking about it, but they claim there have been paranormal happenings as well. Really, there’s something for just about everyone at the Venetian.

I highly recommend it.

Is There An Age Limit?

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The theater itself welcomes patrons of all ages. In fact, there is a special kids menu for children 12 and younger comprised of spaghetti, pizza, hamburger, butter noodles, and sandwiches. The whole family can enjoy the theater atmosphere while they eat a well-prepared lunch or dinner as they are embraced by the live entertainment. Exquisite service and delicious food is available for all ages and everyone will leave feeling like they were pampered.

Although the theater Read more…

The History Of The Venetian Theater Restaurant

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In 1888, banker John W. Shute constructed a two-story house on East Main Street as the latest house for the primary Hillsboro’s National Bank. The building attributed a front elevation in the Italianate manner of architecture, a roof line with a bracketed cornice, and external cast iron ornamentation. In 1911, the bank transferred across Main Street and afterward mayor Orange Phelps bought the building. Even though, Phelps did not have the cash to purchase the building, the bank gave him a loan and he started Read more…

What Type Of Specials Are Available?

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The Venetian Theater is a wonderful local and tourist attraction that provides movies and arts. This venue has been around for years and even opened up a special restaurant where people of all ages can enjoy a selection of different meals. There are plenty of unique and appetizing specials that this special facility caters. Many of the items include traditional European and American centric foods such as pizza, hamburgers, soups, and gourmet sandwiches.

On the lunch menu, Read more…

The Venetian Theater Restaurant Menu And Prices

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You get a BIG experience when you visit the famous Venetian Theater Restaurant in West Albany, Oregon. It comes highly recommended by locals. They boast quite a large dine-in theater, a wine bar, a bistro, and a coffee bar. They are not only big on history with quite a historic past, but big on stories as well. They have attracted ghost hunters to check out the reported paranormal activity taken place here. But don’t let that Read more…

Where Is The Venetian Theater Restaurant Located?

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The Venetian Theater Restaurant and Lounge is located in the downtown area of Hillsboro, Oregon. This popular attraction was originally built in 1925. From 2007 to 2008, http://www.directtelevisionpackages.com, the entire structure of the Venetian Theater Restaurant and Lounge was renovated by Partin and Hill Architects. Ralph Hill was the leading architect that was responsible for overseeing the entire renovation project. This venue is built in an Italianate architectural style. The Venetian received its name after a fire destroyed the original theater that was known as the Liberty Theater. The Broadway Melody was first shown at this particular theater in 1929. This was the first motion picture that included a full sound show in the city of Hillsboro. The theater eventually suffered through another devastating fire in 1956. After several changes in ownership the theater was eventually sold to the city of Hillsboro for $1,500 in 1996. The city worked hard in order to propose various redevelopment options for the theater. Denzil Scheller acquired the building from the city for $10. In addition, the city also awarded him $750,000 in an effort to contribute to the renovation and restoration of the damaged building. Scheller spent over $2.5 million in order to bring the theater back to its former glory.